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IPHU Fellowship Program

The purpose of the IPHU Fellowships is to help to build the people's health movement globally. It does this by providing opportunities for forward looking younger health activists from around the world to:

  • broaden their horizons; gain experience in different settings of struggle;
  • gain practical experience related to the core themes of the IPHU course through participating in relevant projects and programs including primary health care programs, advocacy activities related to trade, and projects focused on the right to health;
  • contribute to the work of the host organisation through project work undertaken as part of the fellowship; and
  • take time out to reflect, rebuild and re-commit.

The first round of IPHU Fellowships in 2007 provided three PHM activists with the opportunity of three months study and field work based in Gonoshasthaya Kendra at Savar in Bangladesh and with opportunities for further experience in a range of PHM settings in Bangladesh. The fellowships commenced with participation in the IPHU Short Course, 'The Struggle for Health' (12-23 November 2007) after which fellows embarked on a tailored program of experience, field work and study.
Fellows undertake projects linked to the work of the host organisation and PHM in that country as part of their fellowships. These may include evaluation or research projects, communications training, resource development and advocacy planning around the Right to Health. At the conclusion of the fellowship there is a wrap up workshop to pull together the learnings from the fellowship and evaluate the experience.
Academic accreditation
Fellows who are enrolled in formal postgraduate coursework study and who request accreditation of their fellowship training as part of their formal studies will be required to submit assignments for assessment as part of their fellowship program and will be provided with formal certification regarding the standard of the program and of their achievement. The IPHU short course study program and the IPHU fellowships are presented at masters level. The IPHU short course (with assessment) corresponds to one quarter of one full time full year study load. The GK fellowship (with assessment) corresponds to one half of one full time full year study load.
IPHU does not, at this stage, provide full degree programs. It remains the prerogative of the enrolling university to decide whether or not to grant credit for the short course and the fellowship as part of the MPH (or other degrees) they offer. Applicants who are contemplating seeking accreditation of IPHU training towards their MPH are advised to consult with the academic authorities of their enrolling university. Further information can be obtained from the IPHU Coordinator.