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IPHU Planning Portal

Since the first IPHU in Cuenca in 2005 there have been many and different courses presented around the world. An overview of this experience and the lessons emerging is here.

This page provides links materials and resources for IPHU course planners. 

  • What kind of IPHU course are you planning?  How long? What focus? Face to face or on line? For whom?  See Different kinds of IPHU here.  See page on the online variant, IPOL.
  • Objectives. Notes on clarifying objectives and linking activities to objectives here.
  • Curriculum and activities planning. Ideas and tools for curriculum planning, teaching and learning, and movement building here.  Also discussion of anchor person, resource people and facilitators.
  • Course planning overview here. Focus on the IPOL here.
  • Recruitment and selection. Ideas and tools for announcement, application, selection, acceptance here
  • Logistics.  Travel, accommodation, venue, meals, etc. Ideas and tools here.
  • Finance.  Notes on developing a budget, fund raising, book keeping and acquitting here.
  • Evaluation.  Nightly, last day, exit questionnaire, six months, five years, logging your course onto our follow up calendar. Further notes and resources here.
  • Alumni engagement.  How will you deepen the engagement of course participants in local and more focused activism?  Notes, experience and suggestions here
This Planning Portal is a work in progress.  The materials and ideas here assembled have accumulated since 2005 and we are still rethinking the whys, whats and hows.  Your suggestions to improve this Planning Portal will be much appreciated. Write to: [email protected].